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How To Tell Whether To Replace Or Repair Your Windshield

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Your car windshield is designed to protect you and your car from the elements and flying objects, as well as contribute to the overall rigidity of your vehicle. For this reason, it is important that you ensure your windshield is in good shape at all times. Dents and cracks on the glass can allow moisture or debris to penetrate the glass surface, distorting the clarity of the glass as well as weakening the windshield.

One of the main questions that car owners face when they notice damage on their car windshield is whether to have it replaced or repaired. Read on for useful information to help you with this very decision so as to ensure your windshield remains in tip-top shape.

Windshield repair

If your windshield has sustained minimal damage, usually due to collision with flying debris, it can often be repaired successfully. Typically, most auto glass repair technicians should be able to repair small rock chips that are approximately the size of a quarter, and cracks that are no more than three inches long. There is often a very narrow window to get repairs done, as cracks can spread quickly once they form.

Another sign that your windscreen damage can be repaired is if it occurs around the center of the glass. This is mainly because the resin injected to restore the clarity and strength of the glass isn't as sturdy as the original glass. Therefore, technicians may be wary of repairing damage that forms on the edges of the glass, as this would compromise the strength of the entire windshield in case of an impact. Additionally, cracks that run along the sides of the glass are often hard to contain and may spread a lot faster, compromising safety.

Windshield replacement

If your windshield has suffered a serious crack or chip, typically more than a couple of inches in length, it should probably be replaced. Replacement is often mandatory when damage has occurred to the driver's side of the windshield, as any attempts at repairs would result in possible distortion of the glass, affecting visibility.  

In instances where the windshield was impacted by a large object, or was vigorously shaken during a collision, it would be helpful to visit your local auto shop for analysis of the structural strength of the glass. This is because even if the damage might seem minor, the glass and supporting frame could have been weakened, leaving the windshield prone to cracking in the future.

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