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How To Replace The Windshield On An Old Car You Found In A Barn

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Restoring an old car that you found stored away in a barn for years is truly an act of love. You typically have to do a lot of work to get in up and running again. One part that may have to be replaced is a cracked windshield. You can do this yourself if you want to save money on the rebuild job. Here is how you can replace the windshield on an old car.

You Will Need:

  • New Windshield
  • Rubber Molding
  • Hand-Held Grinding Wheel
  • Soapy String
  • A Helper

Finding a Windshield

You need to find a windshield replacement that fits the vehicle you are working on. Old cars had design and curves that aren't used anymore, and finding a windshield can be hard. You can contact old auto part stores that specialize in old parts to see if there are any old windshields around. If you can't find an existing windshield, you will have to have a windshield custom-made to fit your car.

Remove Molding

Remove the metal stripping around the windshield.

Windshields on old cars were held in place in a slot on the car with rubber molding. The slot needs to be thoroughly cleaned and all debris in it must be removed. Use a hand-held grinding wheel to remove rubber pieces and other debris sticking to the metal inside the slot.

You may also have to remove the grill at the bottom of the windshield frame (depending on the model of car you have). First, remove the windshield wiper blades and motors. Then pry the grill up and remove it.

Installing New Windshield

Get enough cotton string to fit all around the slot where the windshield will be installed. Soak the string in a soapy solution using regular dish wash soap, and then place the string into the slot. Leave a little bit of string hanging from the slot so you can pull on it when you install the windshield.

Put the new rubber molding on the windshield.

Place the windshield over the opening on the car, and have a helper gently push where you have the string hanging from the slot. As your helper presses down on the window, slowly pull the string out of the slot. The rubber will pop into the slot as you pull on the string. Repeat this until the entire windshield and rubber molding is snugly placed into the slot.

Replace the metal molding, wiper motors, wipers, and grill.