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Your Next Car Window Replacement Could Be A Solar Panel

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As technology improves, it may become a good idea to have your car upgraded to keep with the times. One of the upgrades that you might decide to get for your car is to have the glass modified to allow it to power the battery of your electric car. When a car generates its own electricity, it no longer has to be connected to a power grid and will be much better for the environment as a result.

How Transparent Solar Glass Works

Completely transparent solar collectors have made it possible for cars to have glass that doubles as a solar panel. The glass looks like that of any car, but acts as a solar panel continually providing the car with an electric charge, allowing electric car drivers to spend less money powering their cars. The glass harvests light that the eyes cannot see while allowing other light to pass through. Therefore, the solar panel does not have to be partially transparent and does not have to cast a colorful shadow, as found with other solar cells that only absorb some of the light.

Absorbing the Right Light

Transparent solar-powered glass uses salts that absorb non-visible wavelengths, including ultraviolet light and infrared. The light is guided to the edge of the glass where it can then be gathered by conventional solar power cells. As a result, there are small, thin, black strips at the edges of the glass placed in locations where they cannot be seen.

Efficient Enough

Because the solar-powered glass does not absorb as much light, it is not as efficient as non-transparent glass. But the reduction in the power absorption of the transparent glass is minimal and the amount that is collected is enough to make a difference. The car will be absorbing electricity even when it is not connected to shore power. The car could possibly be parked somewhere and charge the battery all day.

When to Install a Panel

When the technology becomes available, the best time to have your auto glass replaced is after it has become damaged enough to where it isn't repairable. You will need to select a highly reputable auto glass repair company that will install the glass in a way that will not cause it to pop out during an accident. Auto glass has to be glued into place, so the impact of the glass will not cause the high-tech solar panel to fall out. To find out more, contact a business like A1 Auto Glass.